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Separated at birth? [22 May 2008|03:48pm]
[ mood | full ]

Senator Lieberman, United States Senator from Connecticut

Senator Palpatine, Galactic Republic Senator from Naboo

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Earthquake [07 May 2008|12:28pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So did anyone feel the 1.8 quake yesterday?

USGS Annandale earthquake info.

We felt it here at work in Alexandria through our concrete slab floor. 
The weird thing was the 'boom' we heard.  We thought it was something from the construction site across the railroad tracks.

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Separated at birth? [05 Feb 2008|10:56pm]
Separated at birth? You decide!

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Guru to the Beatles.

Cheech Marin, comic genius.

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Damn the Man [30 Jan 2008|10:50pm]
[ mood | morose ]

Thought for the day,
Gentrification is not always a good thing,
R.I.P Dr. Dremo's, you will be sorely missed.

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Ohio [29 Apr 2007|08:55pm]
No biggie, just the addition of Ohio.

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.
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Rain [15 Mar 2007|09:59pm]

I walked home today, 2 miles in the rain, and I rather enjoyed myself.  Sure I was clad in Goretex, and I couldn't but help to laugh at those who I saw dripping wet, who apparently did not heed the weather forecast this morning.

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Cheese [05 Feb 2007|04:01pm]
[ mood | snacky ]

I just made queso.....tastes alot better than it looks

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Population [29 Nov 2006|10:30am]
This was my entry from December 13, 2005:

"I heard something rather depressing on NPR this morning.

The Pre Katrina population of New Orleans was approximately 450,000.

Current population is estimated at 70,000. "

Now they are reporting the Population level at 200,000.  

So it has recovered somewhat, but still a long way to go.
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Hotmail [13 Nov 2006|11:31am]
Is anyone else out there currently having issues with their hotmail account?? For the past two days I have not received any messages and now I can't even log in at all. It is an active account, I use it every day. WTF??

This is the error I'm getting:

Due to an internal error your request cannot be processed. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.
If you are attempting to reactivate your account, we're sorry but your request cannot be processed at this time.
Please do the following:

Close all web browser windows.
Restart your web browser.
Return to http://www.hotmail.com to sign in.

*EDIT*  It appears to be working now, how strange.
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Old Town [21 Sep 2006|11:09am]
While taking a quick look at Alexandria's tourist website I noticed this little tidbit:

What is interesting about this to me is I love the Historic sections of New Orleans, LA and Alexandria, VA. Perhaps a trip to Charleston, SC might be on the list of things to do.

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Tax [12 Sep 2006|12:06pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I just filled out our first Virginia sales and use tax form for the month of August,....
it made my brain hurt.
At least it only has to be done once a month.

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Myspace [04 Sep 2006|11:32pm]
I was bored this weekend and did some updatin' to my Myspace page. Check it out if you so desire.

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[03 Sep 2006|10:25pm]
Damn, I'm craving sushi all of the sudden.
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Long Tan [18 Aug 2006|09:24am]
Today is the 40th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan, the bloodiest day for the Australians in Vietnam.

The Battle of Long Tan

Thats right, the Australians fought in Vietnam along side the U.S., as well as contingents from New Zealand, Thailand, The Phillipines and Korea.
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[09 Aug 2006|11:21pm]
You scored as Pinhead. You are Pinhead. You come straight from hell. Your curiosity has caused you to make some mistakes in life. But you are now more powerful than you have ever been. You enjoy pain just as much as you enjoy pleasure. Unlike most killers, you like to make sure your victims suffer for all eternity.






Freddy Krueger




Michael Myers


Hannibal Lecter




Jason Voorhees


Buffalo Bill


Captain Spaulding


Which Horror Killer are You?
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[05 Jul 2006|03:55pm]
I love the rain.
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Dragon Lady and Rotten Broccoli [23 Jun 2006|12:33pm]
So the other night bookishgal and I went and got some Vietnamese before we went shopping for groceries. Sitting at the bar in the restaurant was a middle aged Vietnamese woman who I believe is one of the owners. She sat there and kept a close eye on the patrons and waiters. The look on her face reminded me of the Madame Nhu, the Dragon Lady of South Vietnam. I could almost see Madame Nhu sitting there at the bar with her beehive, dark sunglasses, dressed in a scarlet A'o Da'i, long cigarette holder in her hand, slowly blowing smoke rings.
Madame Nhu
Anyhow we went shopping, and went home. I got up the next day drove to work, not noticing anything amiss. Left work and as I was about to open the door of my truck I noticed an awful stench. I assumed it was a dead pigeon, not so uncommon in the parking lot where I park. I open the door and get in, the smell is coming from inside my vehicle! So I though 'Oh great, something crawled in my truck and died, and has been cooking inside here all day' I look around and alas somehow when we brought the groceries inside we had forgotten a bag, and had left it in the back. It contained fresh mint leaves, a couple of potatoes, a bag of salad greens, two big heads of broccoli, a block of cheese and two steaks. Cooking and marinading in the 120 degree oven known as my truck all day. Of course we couldn't have left the bag with the cereal, it just had to be that one. By this morning, most of the smell was gone but it was still lingering about like smoke rings and the overpowering perfume of a dragon lady.
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[21 Jun 2006|11:12am]
The best part of a cinnamon roll is the center. The thin spiral of dough encrusted with it's sugary goodness. I always eat around the outside and save the center for last.
Why can't life be like that. Nothing but sweet centers. An enjoyable path leading to an ultimate goal.
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Fusion [20 Jun 2006|11:22am]
I really despise "Fusion Cuisine". You know, those places that mix various types of food to create a new pile of crap. If I want Indian, I go to an Indian place, If I want Japanese/Sushi I go to a Japanese place, if I want Tex Mex I go to Tex Mex place etc. etc. These "Fusion" places try so hard to make something different that it just comes out horrible. Every time I have eaten at a "Fusion" place it has been bad.
Just leave well enough alone.

Fusion equates Trendy. Trendy equates crap.
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Envy [17 Jun 2006|11:04am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Most people envy the young. Youthfulness, with all its energy, its boundless wonder. I have no envy for the young, in fact I feel sorry for them. The world that they will inherit is turning into an overcrowded cesspool.

Personally I envy the dead.

They have lived and seen the world as it will never be seen again. Never will eyes see the Paris of the Orient, Cabarets in Weimar Germany, the first roar of an Aeroplane overhead, Victorian shadows moving through the fog or untainted eastern woodlands. Sure there are glimpses and shadows of these things, but they will never be as they once were.

I envy the dead, for what they have seen, and how they have lived.

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