Obsoleta (obsoleta) wrote,

Dragon Lady and Rotten Broccoli

So the other night bookishgal and I went and got some Vietnamese before we went shopping for groceries. Sitting at the bar in the restaurant was a middle aged Vietnamese woman who I believe is one of the owners. She sat there and kept a close eye on the patrons and waiters. The look on her face reminded me of the Madame Nhu, the Dragon Lady of South Vietnam. I could almost see Madame Nhu sitting there at the bar with her beehive, dark sunglasses, dressed in a scarlet A'o Da'i, long cigarette holder in her hand, slowly blowing smoke rings.
Madame Nhu
Anyhow we went shopping, and went home. I got up the next day drove to work, not noticing anything amiss. Left work and as I was about to open the door of my truck I noticed an awful stench. I assumed it was a dead pigeon, not so uncommon in the parking lot where I park. I open the door and get in, the smell is coming from inside my vehicle! So I though 'Oh great, something crawled in my truck and died, and has been cooking inside here all day' I look around and alas somehow when we brought the groceries inside we had forgotten a bag, and had left it in the back. It contained fresh mint leaves, a couple of potatoes, a bag of salad greens, two big heads of broccoli, a block of cheese and two steaks. Cooking and marinading in the 120 degree oven known as my truck all day. Of course we couldn't have left the bag with the cereal, it just had to be that one. By this morning, most of the smell was gone but it was still lingering about like smoke rings and the overpowering perfume of a dragon lady.
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